I’m Jen Frost

Your Success and Accountability Coach!

I love supporting driven professionals to get results by utilizing a purposeful process.

~ Organize your thoughts and identify what is really important.

~ Get Clarity on what has been holding you back.

~ Develop a step by step plan to realize results and the success you deserve.


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Here’s the truth…



if you aren’t being purposeful with the process.

You have been doing for others since you were a little girl. It’s time to DO FOR YOU without the fear and guilt that has been keeping you playing small all these years.


The lack of time or money, the overwhelm of existing commitments, and the demanding job are not real barriers to your dreams… YOU ARE! I took all my knowledge, energy and focus that I had been putting into other people’s dreams and started to focus on my own! 


It’s time to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and start doing what you were meant to do.

I have ZERO DOUBTS that you can do it!

I invite you to join me on a journey that can lead to fulfillment, more time with those you love, and more money in your bank account.

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I’m so glad I signed up... It was very helpful for me. I’m in the process of finding myself, healing old wounds as well as building my business and this has helped me to get more clear on what I want and identifying my passion.

Thank you Jennifer Frost!
God Bless you
— G.G.
Jennifer Frost guided me in right direction!!! I truly feel Jen helped me so much. I soared out of my comfort zone … not just that! For so many years I was afraid of change and by listening to Jennifer I made a huge change. In the Facebook group and coaching sessions, she helped me see many things differently. One is my own self worth. #truehappiness#selfgoals
— K.G
I really enjoyed working with Jen. She was a fantastic facilitator; positive and encouraging. She guided me through exercises that helped me to visualize and set my intention.
— C.A.
I had the adventure of attending a Vision Board Creation gathering hosted by Jen Frost. While I had heard about vision boards, I was pretty clueless as to the purpose/meaning of the process, so it was my great fortune to have a facilitator that was as knowledgeable and “gut savvy” as Jen! She introduced us to several ways to approach the process, leaving enough wiggle room to be attenuated to our different personalities. By the end of the gathering, I had a clearer sense of focus and purpose plus my lovely vision board which inspires me every single morning! Five star experience!!
— M.K.